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And We’re Off…

While those words (or something similar) are what we often hear at the start of other horse races, it also describes the first half of the year here at the Chamber as well. If the Chamber Year was to be compared to a large oval racetrack then you would say we are somewhere on the backstretch heading toward the turn three with only two turns (quarters) to go. And if I were the race announcer and giving the updates at each length of the track I would be very excited about our track position! I would be raising my voice and letting folks know that we are ahead of the pack and looking strong. I might even be so excited that I would say we have opened up a gap already as we head into turn three. Albeit that 2013 still has a long way to go with plenty of bumps along the way, and we will almost certainly have unexpected hurdles along the way; but so far so good! A lot of preparation, training, hard work, and experience goes into winning these races, and it is great to know that your Chamber is up to the challenge. We have fantastic leadership on the Board of Directors, each committee has in place a team that can make this their best year ever; and you are being served by great group of dedicated volunteers and staff which continues to be committed to our community’s success.

Granted this is not a real horse race and it won’t be over in two minutes, but there is still a lesson to learn. Everyone has a stake in the race; every member has invested financially in this organization and it is in their best interest to see it win. And while our competition may not be other horses, we do have competition and potential obstacles at each and every turn. Some of those obstacles are clearly visible and even somewhat predictable. Others will sneak up on us from the outside or maybe even from the inside. Perhaps the obstacles are completely out of our control and are totally unpredictable. The success of local businesses is a very important part of the well-being of any community and ours is no different. Their continued success is in our very best interest. Anything we can do to help them individually will go a long ways towards the success of us as a whole.

As the small businesses in our community run the race in the months ahead, there are likely things that the Chamber of Commerce has to offer which you may not yet be taking advantage of? Perhaps it has been a while since you looked into the many resources available at the Chamber of Commerce. We would like to invite you to check us out again and we hope you will use what we have to offer to help you get a leg up on your obstacles.

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