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Are You Getting a Bad Rap?

One of our basic human needs is to communicate. Communication is how we exchange information, share life, connect, and get to know one another. Even though text messaging has earned a bad rap with experts saying it ruins social interaction, writing skills, and expression, it remains an inexpensive and convenient way to keep in touch. Text messaging is the #1 most popular way American adults communicate today and statistics show that 25% send and receive between 11-50 texts a day.

Most of us have experienced the frustration with smart phone auto correct when we type one word but a different one pops up instead and totally changes what we meant to say. I’d like to share some autocorrects I found in a Google search…..

Sarah: Hey Dad, Mom wants you to stop on the way home and get her pregnant.

Dad: Really? I had a vasectomy in 1999!

Sarah: Oops! I meant Prego, the sauce.

Dad: Did you write that with your “smart phone?”

Sarah: Don’t start Dad…


Lindsay: Mom just got me some new sheets! They are so soft! Gray Flannel!

Jennifer: I love the feel of flatulence in bed!

Lindsay: Ew! Gross!

Jennifer: Flannel. I mean flannel. Stupid phone!


Maggie: I want you to meet jap9ih.

Brooke: You know I hate blind dates!

Maggie: But he’s cute and he has the best perspiration!

Brooke: Yuck! Now I really don’t want to meet him.

Maggie: LOL! I mean personality. He smells fine.


John: How did dad’s doctors appt go?

Mom: Okay. He has severe heartburn. The doctor prescribed prostitutes. 2x a day.

John: Whoa! In that case, I have bad heartburn too.

Mom: Oh I meant Prilosec!

John: Are you sure? I’m making an appt with his doctor!


Justin: Want to come over for pizza?

Tammy: Yes! And Vampire Diarrhea!

Justin: Diarrhea? You can’t eat pizza?

Tammy: OMG! OMG! Diaries! I mean Diaries! This phone is stupid!

Justin: Maybe we should have Chinese instead!


As important as communication is in our personal lives, it is also essential to us professionally as we try to build relationships which may turn into future customers. Since networking is such an important aspect of the business world, it really helps to be a part of our Chamber where you have plenty of opportunities to meet, and get to know, potential customers. It’s great that our membership numbers continue to grow and with the help of our Members and their feedback, we will continue to improve our impressive roster of programs, services, and events. If you haven’t attended one of our popular networking events, please make a commitment to do so soon! What have you got to lose, except potential customers?

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