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Change…The One Thing That Remains Consistent

I am sure that I am not alone in wondering if it seems like the more I look around, the more change I see happening. Change is not the easiest thing in the world to get used to, no matter what your age or gender.

A number of years ago, Tonya and I decided to paint the front door of our house, and we chose a nice shade of “red” of all colors. When I was telling my then 12 year old daughter we were about to paint the front door and asked her what she thought about it, she said that was fine as long as it was not red! I would imagine that since none of the neighbors had a red front door, she was simply hoping we would not be the first. Too late, we had already bought the paint.

Many of you are also facing changes in your businesses & families that may not be something you are particularly looking forward to; increased competition, an increasingly tighter labor market, potentially higher interest rates, shrinking profit margins, increased governmental regulations, and the list goes on and on. Other changes though may be presenting new opportunities; new places to shop and dine, new customers, new suppliers, new markets, and maybe even more volunteers for our non-profit agencies. As residents of the Mt. Juliet area, we are witnessing changes each and every day. Some are good; new capital investments like office buildings, school additions, road improvements, a more diversified pool of potential customers along with a rapidly rising number of new businesses and many other things. Other changes may not be as exciting; increased traffic, potential loss of our small town culture, an increased need for emergency and public services, or even the risk of rising crime. Whatever your view may be about these changes, one thing is certain; Change is going to happen.

How effective we are at recognizing and preparing for these changes will go a long ways in determining the degree of success for our businesses, our schools, our Chamber of Commerce, our churches and non-profits, as well as our own personal wellbeing. As long as we are green and growing, and as long as we recognize and embrace change, we can all enjoy this exciting time in our community’s evolution. Why not take a step back and look at the many new businesses in our community. The magnitude of this change is significantly affecting us as customers, as employees, and other key stakeholders. When it comes to doing business or deciding where to spend our precious family dollars, we may simply need to make a few minor adjustments here or there. For others, maybe the changes will be more dramatic. Either way, adjusting to change can be a good thing; even if it means painting your front door red.

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