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Clicking On All 8 Cylinders…

That’s a phrase we have probably all heard and maybe even used from time to time. And whether there are 4, 6, or 8 doesn’t really matter; the point is that things are humming along pretty well at that particular time. I suppose it could even be that while something is humming along on all eight cylinders, there might still be a few little mechanical adjustments to make; maybe the tires need a little air, or other minor details to take care of before it is truly perfect. I have to say that if our community was a vehicle, we would indeed be humming along on all eight cylinders.

In various meetings and discussions I have been a part of recently, I sense that many others agree with me about this analogy. Having only lived in Mt Juliet for a little over 25 years, I am by no means a community historian nor would I want to imply that I am qualified for much more than my own personal observations and opinions. But assuming that you read this article for my opinions and reflections I am happy to share them with you. And, in my opinion we are doing awfully darn well right now. Are there some things we still need to do better? Of course there will always be some things we want to see improved. But as I look around, listen to folks, and am out and about in the community; there are a lot of really great folks working hard on those things each and every day. The vision is there and what I see each and every day while I am out in the community is a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and excitement about our future. I sometimes liken it to the ole’ dog that finally catches the delivery truck; you can just picture the look on that little rascals face! Well, in my opinion we have finally caught the delivery truck and boy oh boy are we in for a ride now.

There are many, many challenges ahead and we will probably even hit a snag or two along the way. But oh how lucky we are to live here; I would say we are blessed beyond most people’s wildest dreams and I think we should be very grateful for such an awesome place to call home. Let’s continue to keep an eye on the dashboard to make sure we take good care of this wonderful ride. Let’s always continue to make sure everyone in our community has a great seat, and by all means let’s make sure to keep plenty of gas in the tank. In our case, that means a lot of prosperous local businesses generating those valuable sales tax dollars with our business!

Have a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable July 4th Holiday and be sure to take a few minutes along the way and remember how we got here! See you right here next week! Follow Mark on Twitter @MJChamber or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and visit 24/7 at


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