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Connecting Talent with Opportunities

Is your business looking for talented employees or as a talented employee, are you looking for employers with job openings today? If so, then the Mt Juliet Chamber CareerWORKS Program (CCWP) may be for you. I would like to invite both employers and employees to consider attending an upcoming CCWP. These meetings are held twice monthly on the first and third Tuesday of the month from 8:30-9:30. All CCWP are held in the community meeting room at Courtney’s Restaurant on N MJ Road. There is absolutely no cost to attend and everyone is welcome. For those that would like to eat a Dutch Treat Breakfast before the meeting, please plan to arrive a few minutes early so that you are ready to join the group at 8:30.

The MJ Chamber CareerWORKS began a number of months ago and has already had many success stories. Organizer and facilitator Steve Horrell is doing a magnificent job helping to connect those who may be looking to share their talents with those who are looking for talented employees to join their team. It is important to know that these meetings are not a job fair, no interviewing takes place, and the setting is very relaxing. Everyone who attends these meetings understands that their next employer or employee is not nearly as likely to be someone else in the room at these meetings. Rather, it is much more likely that it will be someone in the room that knows someone else to help complete the connection. During our time together, these hour-long programs allow time for those attending to share with the group just what they are looking for regardless of if that is an employee or a career. Everyone is then encouraged to help each other make successful connections. By including so many others in their search, the chances for success are increased greatly.

To this day, even those who were once looking remain in contact and are available to help those who have followed behind. The openly shared credo that drives the group is “givers gain” and that by sharing and helping others, the rewards are returned to the giver. Those who truly want to help others along the journey while helping themselves at the same time are most likely to benefit from this program. To have a program such as this in our community is very beneficial, even to those who are not currently looking for employees or employers. When all persons in a community who want to work are gainfully employed the entire community benefits. Those with jobs are able to purchase goods and services, pursue home ownership if desired, support churches and charities, and give back to our young and elderly.

The MJ Chamber remains committed to developing and pursuing programs and services which help make MJ and Wilson County the kind of place that folks will want to live, work, and raise our families. Chamber CareerWORKS is but one of many and all of our friends and neighbors are always invited! For more information or to register for any MJ Chamber event, please visit or call 758-3478 for more information. I hope you will join me right here next week! Follow Mark on Twitter @MJChamber #mjchamber or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and be sure to visit us 24/7 at

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