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This blog is authored by Mark Hinesley, Chamber President/CEO
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Cookies & Our Community

Like many other folks, this is the time of year that we look forward to getting our chops on a box or two (or three) of those delicious Girl Scout Cookies. Many of our local businesses provide high pedestrian traffic areas for Girl Scouts to earn troop funds by selling their wares. Recently it dawned on me how the Girl Scouts and our community share a common message.

We have all heard the Girl Scout song that says “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.” Perhaps at no time in the history of our community has this message been more relevant to everyone calling Mt. Juliet home. Just like a Girl Scout being encouraged to make new friends and keep the old, our community must practice this same message. No group or organization in Mt. Juliet is more excited about living and working in such a growing, thriving, and prosperous community than a committed Chamber of Commerce. Many of these businesses quickly become our “new” friends, often becoming vested members of our community and supporting the local economy.

However, I feel very strongly that we will all benefit if we can find that balance between making new friends and keeping the old. In this case, we must not forget those who have been our friends for a long time; you might even call them “gold.” And for a community whose fiscal lifeblood is the collection of sales tax, shopping local is even more critical. With nearly each and every purchase we make, we all have many choices. I often ask people, when was the last time you stopped by to check out one of those businesses that you drive by every day on your way to somewhere else?

Now with a brand new five-lane highway connecting the north and south ends of our community together, it’s pretty easy to get from one end to the other in no time at all. I’d suggest that you might be missing out on a “golden” opportunity to support a local merchant; perhaps even one that has their name on the back of your child’s baseball jersey. You might even get lucky and be able to pick up some Girl Scout Cookies while you’re there. And just like the Girl Scout Promise says, we need to embrace our new businesses but remember the old ones too. After all, no one can ever really ever have too many friends, or for that matter too many cookies! For a huge Business Directory of how to find all of this Silver & Gold; visit











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