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Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

Yesterday I once again, literally, took a leap outside of my comfort zone. For those of you who know me, you wouldn’t be surprised. I am known for doing crazy things like flying airplanes upside down, white water rafting the raging Gauley River after a storm or canoeing for a week in the Isle Royal National Park in frigid Lake Superior waters. For my whole life, as far back as I can remember, I have been pushing my comfort zone envelope. Whether in business or personal life, it is that curiosity DNA gene I have that makes life excitingly fun!

Last month Mark extended an invitation to the Chamber Board of Directors to attend the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce Executives conference in Clarksville this week. Part of the program was visiting the 5th Special Forces group (the Green Berets) at Fort Campbell. You know, the Green Berets of John Wayne fame.

I jumped at the chance to learn about this elite group of men and women who defend our country and I wasn’t disappointed. After learning about their history, handling their weapons and sitting in their Special Forces vehicles, we got to see firsthand demonstrations at the Air Assault School.

Then we had a decision to make. Are you going to jump off of the Rappel Tower or not? It was that comfort zone thing again. Mark, Lisia Tucker and I all went for it! Suiting up to rappel was an experience in itself! Climbing the steps to jump off the tower had me mumbling to myself… Standing at the edge pushed my comfort zone once again!

Most of us who are in business for ourselves are used to doing things that make us wiggle in our seat. Yesterday was a reminder that reaching out and stretching our boundaries is a healthy thing. That is, if you don’t let go of the rope!

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