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“Joy” to Our Community!

As most everyone likely knows by now, the city of Mt Juliet is the new owner of the former Joy Church building on Charlie Daniels Parkway. A bit of minor construction and interior re-configuration is currently underway in order to accommodate the new home for our city Police Department. In the next several months the police will be transitioning from their current location inside City Hall to these new offices. This move will free up a lot of badly needed office space in the current City Hall in order to consolidate other departments which are currently located in various other buildings nearby.

Joy Church made the space available for the City to purchase when the construction of their new worship space was complete in mid-January. And while the official property transaction certainly brought a lot of “joy” to the community, it is nothing compared to the “JOY” one feels when you walk inside their new church. Tonya and I had the opportunity to attend the first service as guests in their new church. I was both amazed and overwhelmed. There were well over 1,000 people in attendance and to say that place was hopping would be an understatement! Pastor Jim Frease and everyone there were so welcoming and gracious. Their commitment to making our community a special place to live and worship is unquestionable.

I was very impressed as I pulled onto the property to see the huge number of parking spaces, upon seeing the beautiful construction, well thought out facilities, and all of the modern conveniences and audio-visual technology. But the one thing that was very apparent as I made my way through the large crowd was the very diverse makeup of individuals and families that call Joy Church home. I told my friend it had the feel of a United Nations function. During the celebration it became obvious to me that such a sense is something that Pastor Frease is extremely committed to as their community grows. To all of my many new friends at Joy Church, thank you for the invitation and sincere hospitality.

The article I wrote in this space two weeks ago was about the nearly 400 residential building permits in the city during the year 2013 and how excited we are to have so many people from so many places moving here to call MJ home. If one needs validation on the diversity of our growing community, stop by Joy Church and just see for yourself. As our community becomes more and more diverse, we become more attractive to businesses, retailers, and office parks. It is a sincere compliment to everyone currently here that people of all walks of life find us to be such a welcoming community. It’s wonderful to live in a place that brings so much “joy” to so many people, in so many different ways! See you right here next week! Follow Mark on Twitter @MJChamber #mjchamber or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and visit 24/7 at

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