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Loving Life and Mt. Juliet

I have a quote right by my computer at home that says, “I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.”

I was thinking about that recently when someone came into the Chamber asking about life in Mt. Juliet. The longer I'm here, the longer the answer to that question seems to be. I have watched and heard Mark talk about the many advantages and joys of living in the Mt. Juliet / West Wilson County area for many years. After living here less than 5 years, I now understand his enthusiasm. I can now talk almost as long as he can about the area-almost!

Of course, we all talk about the location, being situated in such a strategic part of the country for business and industry, the close proximity to Nashville and the airport, the many choices we have for shopping, the huge selection of restaurants (very important when you get to a certain age!) and on and on.

But from my perspective, one of the most valuable assets this area has going for it is its people. I know that may sound trite, but it is just so true. I hadn't been here very long when I went to Kroger to put gas in the car. I HAD pumped gas before, but not at a Kroger where they asked if you had a Kroger card. I must have looked like I needed help, because almost immediately a lady at the next pump came over and asked if she could give me a hand. I will never know who she was, but I also will never forget her. She not only showed me how to handle the chore at hand, but she made an impression on me that I still think about today. She is the perfect example of how NICE the folks around here are. I soon realized she was not the exception, but the norm. I'm still waiting to meet the grouches-hasn't happened yet.

So now I have a new favorite quote. “I have found if you love Mt. Juliet, Mt. Juliet will love you back.”

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