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May I Borrow Your Rolodex Please?

While that may sound like an unusual question, it is one which should and does get asked quite often at the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has many benefits and often times they may be seen as intangible, which can make them seem as being too difficult and cumbersome to be of direct benefit. As an organization, we want to remind folks of ways they can take advantage of the Chamber. And this leads me back to the question; “May I borrow your rolodex please?”

One of the benefits which I encourage you to take advantage of is to use the contacts which are readily available to you. Most people who spend a few minutes at the office are very surprised at the amount of information readily available. I want to expand on how using your “Chamber Contacts” may be of benefit to you should you need help with issues relating to your local government.

The Chamber meets regularly and works closely with local government leaders on your behalf to discuss matters of concern. It is the belief of the Chamber that having regular and meaningful dialogue with our city leaders is beneficial to all concerned. Mt Juliet is governed by a City Manager type government. Mt Juliet has 5 elected officials; 4 Commissioners elected by district to represent approximately ¼ of the city and a Mayor elected at large to serve the entire community. This elected body then hires a City Manager or “CEO” to run the day to day operations. As Mt Juliet’s City Manager, Ken Martin and his team of department heads are a very valuable resource for helping local businesses and residents with matters of concern. City Leaders (both elected officials and non-elected officials) and Chamber representatives work together to make sure our local businesses are represented when dealing with issues which affect them. Sometimes these issues are relatively minor and can be resolved with a single phone call or personal visit to the right department. Other times the issues are much more involved and require a longer period of time and much more work to get resolved.

Whatever the situation may be in your particular case, I encourage you to use the “Chamber Rolodex” to help you whenever needed. One of those “intangible” benefits of having access to local decision-makers can be turned into a very tangible benefit when you are able to use this resource to help you in your time of need. Depending upon the matter at hand, it could be a City, County, or State issue. Whatever the case may be, we are happy to help you; all we ask is that you give us a chance to work for you. So of course the answer to the first question is…Yes, you certainly may borrow the Chamber Rolodex!

Anyone needing assistance is encouraged to visit us online for a complete contact list of important names, numbers, and direct email links. We are available 27/ at See you right here next week, Mark Follow Mark on Twitter @MJChamber or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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