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Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Wow, is that ever true! We have heard that for so long and often times we have probably even added in some extra “P’s” for good measure too. You have to admit, there is plenty of truth to that statement and all that is left open for discussion is just what “poor” means to each of us. Regarding growth in a community, it’s probably accurate to say that for every person who is excited and anxious for new development, there are at least some folks who are skeptical at best or downright against it at all. You know what; their concerns are theirs and need to be recognized.

Agreeing or disagreeing can come after there is a show of respect for everyone’s right to their opinion. On one end of the spectrum are those who would take any type of project and try to shove it down an unsuspecting community’s throat and God forbid there are communities out there who need growth so bad they are willing to take it and deal with the consequences later. Thank goodness we are blessed to have people, councils, commissions, boards, and local volunteers who are dedicated and work very hard to insure we do not end up like that. On the other end of the spectrum are those who would have a community “build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything” (BANANA). I’d suggest that neither of these is a desirable option. Somewhere in the middle is where we need to be and you too need to be a part of the discussion.

At this very moment, the city is in the middle of reviewing out Land Use Plan (LUP) and this is the perfect time to let those in the decision making position know how you feel. I’d invite you to take an online survey to make sure your voice is heard. For more information regarding the LUP Review and to take the survey, visit As citizens of Mt Juliet, we are lucky to have a very dedicated group of professionals and volunteer community servants working hard on our behalf to provide for the type of growth we can all be proud of. Granted, not everyone agrees on everything and there are some pretty strict rules to follow if you plan to build or develop anything in Mt Juliet. That’s not a bad thing, by the way. Those who would like to develop or expand new growth need to know what the rules are ahead of time and to plan accordingly. While the LUP is not a zoning plan, the two do work very closely in charting our course for the future. All of these plans are readily available and easy to access. I’d encourage everyone to “suit up”, get in the game and be a part of process.


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