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This blog is authored by Mark Hinesley, Chamber President/CEO
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ROMI… “Return On Membership Investment”

I’d like to add one little letter in the old ROI acronym to make it very specific for your “Membership” with Chamber of Commerce. Most businesses, organizations, individuals, churches, schools, and volunteers either want or need to see some type of return on investment for the dues they pay to be a member of the chamber. In fact, the last time I looked I did not see a single member that just sends in their dues payment each year with the hopes of getting nothing in return; everyone expects at least something.

Bottom line is, most that get a reasonable ROI renew, those that don’t get it don’t renew. Pretty simple to understand and in some cases it’s pretty straight forward. In many cases however, there were countless opportunities missed to reap the benefits of membership.

I would like to encourage you to use each and every benefit of membership you can in order to squeeze every dime of benefit out of your investment. If you are not sure if you are getting all of the benefits you can, why not give us a call, stop by, come to a networking or other Chamber event ? Is there something you were hoping for or even assumed you would be getting with your membership that you have yet to see? Was there someone or some group of people you had hoped to meet, information you had hoped to receive, communication you had hoped to get, or programs and services you thought would be provided that you have not yet seen? If so, please give us a call or stop by soon. Just like in your business or organization, you want and depend heavily on satisfied customers, clients, vendors, patients, members, parents, etc.; we too strive to have satisfied customers.

It used to be that “getting involved” was a sure fire way to recoup at least some of that ROI. Frankly, now days most are far too busy to get nearly as involved as they would like. Not to worry, that’s okay. ROMI is available in many new and relevant ways and the content and flow of information has never been greater. If you are reading this and can’t really remember the last time you benefited from your Chamber Membership, then it’s time to call or stop by!

Thanks for the vote of confidence with your membership, let’s work together to make sure that you are now getting your monies worth!


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