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So, What's in a Name?

Last year a young entrepreneur in Nebraska changed his name from Tyler Gold to Tyrannosaurus Rex Gold as a way of creating greater name recognition as he worked toward building his career.

Public figures and organizations spend a lot of time and money building up a name and protecting that name. However, when you're starting from zero, it's hard to build up name recognition. However, I’ve got some easy tips for you in boosting recognition for your business:

Identify your audience

Who are you really trying to reach? A public official is trying to reach a different audience than an actor; a novelist has a completely different audience than a football player scouting for a new contract.

Don't bank on one-shots

Name recognition isn't like winning the lottery. One thing typically doesn’t turn you into a household name. You build up name recognition one brick at a time and that takes a steady, sustained effort.

Spread it out

Remember that today's audience is scattered. If you're not on the radio, you don't exist to a huge chunk of the population. Others only read the newspaper, others rely on TV, and a large segment of the population obtains their news only from the web. You've got to target different sectors of the media.

Shorten a name

There's nothing wrong with shortening or changing an organization's clunky name in order to be simple and direct. For example, Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. doesn’t roll off the tongue like John Denver does. Michael Philip Jagger doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Mick Jagger. Other famous people who have changed their names are Stevland Hardaway Morris = Stevie Wonder; Reginald Kenneth Dwight = Elton John; Sherlon Jackson Lee = Spike Lee; William Jonathan Drayton, Jr. = Flavor Flav; Robert Allen Zimmerman = Bob Dylan; Eric Maron Bishop = Jamie Foxx; Cornelius Crane Chase = Chevy Chase; and Barry Alan Pincus = Barry Manilow. You get the idea, right?

Have you been thinking about making a bold move like Tyler Gold did? Is this a good time to add a new twist to your name, title, or self-image? Do you need to give your business a little bit of punch or variety in order to stand out? You may not have to name yourself after a dinosaur if you follow a few short rules.

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