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“State of the City”

At the Chamber’s January Monthly Luncheon, Mayor Ed Hagerty gave his annual “State of the City” address. Just prior to making his remarks he recognized Mary Lee Ramsey, a resident at Rutland Place who is celebrating her birthday… the 103rd one she has had! He even proclaimed January 15th, 2014 as Mrs. Mary Lee Ramsey Day in MJ. Quite an honor and an obvious reason to celebrate! We are a lucky community to have Mrs. Ramsey as our friend and neighbor!


Mayor Hagerty then went on to deliver his annual update and shared with those in attendance many of the other things either in the works, coming soon, or at least being discussed as future possibilities. There are of course the obvious projects, those that already have bricks and sticks coming out of the ground. Such projects include a huge new Goodwill Store, (complete with a drop off bay and an employment training center), Providence Wine & Spirits, medical offices, Tire Discounters, retail businesses, Lifestyles Community, residential & multi-family home developments, MJ Commons, the realignment of N Greenhill Road to connect with a stoplight at Benton-Douglas Drive, Robinson Crossing, the extension of the MJ Greenway Project down West Division Street, the newly complete CEVA Logistics (1,000 employees inside the city limits of MJ!), Gander Mountain and many, many more projects. Several things are worth noting, in addition to the fact that there are very few communities in the entire country that can claim such growth on the tail end of the worst recession in our lifetime.


The fact that TN was just recognized as the number one state in the nation in terms of economic development investment dollars is terrific in its own right. But for MJ to be the 4th most business friendly city, in the number one state of TN makes it even more incredible for us! It’s very important to keep in mind that this is not something that happens automatically or without the hard work, commitment, and support of everyone concerned. Everyone in the community has a vested interest in the future success of our community. We need to all make local politics a part time profession (Ben Franklin said this many years ago I believe?). We owe it to ourselves and to those who follow us to be engaged, informed, and part of the process in charting our future growth.


To continue on the road to future successes, we need to insure that the path to starting, expanding, or developing residential and commercial projects in our community is a smooth one. This path does not need to be a meandering, inconsistent, reckless, or filled with unreasonable and changing obstacles. Rather we need to encourage future development that is consistent with our values, visions, and wishes for those who follow us. At some point down the road, perhaps a long way down the road for some, there will be another resident who celebrates their 103rd birthday in MJ. Let’s be sure that the stories they have to share about MJ are as great as the ones we enjoy today! Follow Mark on Twitter @MJChamber #mjchamber or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and visit 24/7 at

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