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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

My youngest daughter, Lindsay, has an uncanny attitude that is unusual for a young adult. I’m sure she gets down in the dumps at times, and I know things don’t always go 100% her way; however, anytime I talk to her on the phone, she’s like a little ray of sunshine, always happy and positive and you can just hear that in her voice. It’s contagious!

Lindsay was recently telling me about her new job search. She has just moved to Pensacola to attend grad school and she’d had an interview that morning. She was hopeful that this particular job would work out because she really liked the other employees she had met, saying that they seemed to be a good team. She went on to say “And you know what they say…Teamwork makes the dream work!”

My first thought was that this was pretty corny coming from anyone, much less a 23-year old. But on second thought, I realized that as corny as it is to say (and hear), this statement really is true! Teamwork in any area of lives can help our dreams and/or plans materialize more quickly and more efficiently.

Most of us have probably figured out by now that there are many benefits to teamwork in a work setting. When we are part of a team, each member offers their unique perspective and multiple brains are just better for bouncing different ideas off of one other! Therefore, teamwork can ultimately lead to better decisions, products, or services.

Teamwork also allows us to accomplish tasks faster since in most cases, one person taking on multiple duties will not be able to perform at the same pace as a team which has divided up the workload. Plus, each one of us has unique qualities and skills which can help improve other team members. This allows us to be more productive and on top of our game in the future.

Creating a teamwork culture enables individuals to contribute and grow more than they ever thought possible. There is a funny cartoon which shows a group of penguins standing on an iceberg. A whale swims up and opens his mouth to have a little snack and all the penguins quickly ran to the other side so that they are all standing on the side away from the whale’s mouth. The whale then swims to the other side where the penguins are standing and all the penguins rush to the opposite side once again. And so on and so on. I guess even penguins know that we can accomplish so much more when we work together as a team!


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