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The Olympic Games

Once again I have been hooked by the Olympics. The Olympics remind me that victory is often by a hundredth of a second, or a single point, or a few centimeters. The slogan “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” still rings true after all of these years.

It is interesting for to me to watch as the victors are able to generate their best performance at exactly the time it's required, under the greatest pressure, and against the strongest competition. Some people thrive in that environment ("Give me the ball coach!") and others wither ("Please, not me!"). Winners are usually characterized with fast starts, stamina in the middle, and strong reserves at the finish. That's not a bad approach to business or life.

Even though only three competitors receive medals at each Olympic event, there's nothing wrong with being the fifth or eighth best in the world! The dedication, intensity, and hard work ethics are all similar. I marvel at these Olympians for their dream to be the best. I am one business person that has learned something from the Olympics games.

“Give me the ball coach! I can do it!”

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