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The Top 10 Business Tips I Learned From Our Garden

1. Make hay while the sun shines

Timing is critical. If you pick your fruit too soon, you get a stomachache. If you pick it too late, you have garbage. Know what part of a cycle you are in and act accordingly.

2. You never know where the seed will fall

Exhibit your leadership qualities at all times. Those who can be groomed will notice and emulate. Those who can't will reveal their true nature to you sooner this way.

3. Snails in May, gophers in June, drought in July ... if it's not one thing, it's another

There will always be problems. It is what you do about them that matters.

4. Some plants make it, some don't

If someone fails to prosper under your leadership, don't take it personally. Be like the sun and shine equally on all. Some make it. Some don't.

5. "Amended soil" still smells like cow manure

Don't get bogged down in euphemisms or politically correct thinking. Give directions clearly. Stick to the point. Know when to shut up.

6. It's not called a nursery for nothing

Everything is delicate at the beginning. With new staff, new projects, and new acquisitions, take care!

7. Every garden has a snake or two in it

Every business has a snake or two in it.

8. A vine is really a glorified weed

Some of the most surprising things take off! Be open to everything and everybody.

9. Tall plants in the back; short plants in the front

Use your resources wisely. Know your people. Don't ask from someone something they can't give.

10. Plants need sunshine and rain

Don't sweat the small cycles. Keep your eye on the goal!

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