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The Worst Kept Secret

This really isn’t a secret, it’s just something that most people just don’t know about!

Our Chamber of Commerce stands strongest as an advocate for the business community.  That message gets lost somewhere and it’s one that I try to deliver on a consistent basis.  When I am talking to a potential Chamber Investor, I always bring up the fact that they are already benefitting from what the Chamber does, so why not help support those activities?

Here are some of the things that you might not know:

The Board of Directors has a quarterly meeting with the city leaders. I’ve been fortunate to attend quite a few of these meetings along with the Mayor, Chief of Police, City Commissioners, City Manager, and other city employees. The purpose of these meetings is to keep an open line of communication between city leaders and the leaders in the business community.  If you ever have an issue with your business (such as navigating the sign ordinance) and need a little bit of help, the Chamber usually knows exactly who to call to help you resolve those issues. 

The Chamber also has a presence at most open City Commission meetings, whether that presence is to provide support or give an opinion on a current issue that is affecting the community or simply to have an understanding of things to come and how those things impact the business community.

We also hold monthly Economic and Community Development meetings. In attendance at these meetings are a lot of the same folks that attend the City Leaders meetings, as well as others such as the County Mayor and members of the Joint Economic & Community Development Board of Wilson County.

I hope I’ve helped you understand some of the things that the Chamber does to help you grow your business, besides providing you with excellent networking opportunities of course!

Sean White, 2013 Board Chair

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