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In the 1986 Science Fiction Horror movie The Fly, the main character (played by Jeff Goldblum) was a scientist experimenting with teleporting. During one such experiment, he was unaware that a housefly had slipped into the transmitter pod with him. He emerged from the pod and soon began to exhibit fly-like symptoms as he slowly began the transformation into a common housefly. The makeup artists for this movie won the Academy award for their incredible depiction of the transformation from man to insect. describes synonyms of transformation as renewal and about-face. This same site describes antonyms as stagnation and sameness. When you think about your life, which of these adjectives would you rather describe you?

What better time than now to take a look inside (and around) you and notice areas where change is needed? It’s customary to wait until the New Year to make a resolution; however, if we wait until then, we are stressed physically, emotionally, and financially after the holidays and most resolutions fail for these reasons. Why not make an Autumnal resolution, fresh into this new season?

Most of us will never make a transformation as unbelievable as from a human to a fly, and thank goodness for that! But, there is something all of us can do to become better, stronger, healthier, and smarter, in both our personal and our business lives. Change is happening all around us, from the birds and the bees to the flowers and the trees. If it’s good enough for nature, why can’t it be good enough for us?

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