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  • Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce - Mt. Juliet Providence
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    Mt. Juliet Chamber at Town Center
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    State of The Art Meeting Facilities
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  • New Offices

    Mt. Juliet Chamber at Town Center

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Who We Are

Way back in 1963, a small group of business men and women in Mt. Juliet met over a cup of coffee and decided to start a Chamber of Commerce in hopes of building a stronger business community. In the beginning, the Chamber was more of a social networking club; however, these like-minded business people had a vision for the future. They rolled up their sleeves and with a lot of hard work and determination, began formulating programs and services which still exist today. That same spirit of innovation and the dream of a more successful business climate still drives everything we do.  

What We Do

Mt. Juliet Chamber exists to connect, advocate for, promote, and support the investors who partner with us. We live this purpose every day in order to achieve the vision which first began 37 years ago. Through a wide variety of programs and initiatives, the chamber works diligently to stay relevant and support the growth and prosperity of local businesses . We thank those Chamber leaders who came before us for planting the seed and for helping us keep our eyes on the future.

Why We Do It

Our investors partner with us for all sorts of reasons, from the ability to connect with our wide network of member businesses, for help in promoting products or services, or for much-needed support for activities and programs. Whatever gap our investors are hoping to fill, we are committed to staying true to our vision of building a stronger business community. That is our purpose!

  • Under Armour Platinum Investor
  • US Community Credit Union - Platinum Investor
  • Bank of Tennessee - Platinum Investor
  • Wholesale Nashville - Diamond Sponsor
  • Piedmond Natural Gas - Platinum Investor
  • kelsey evert diamond investor slide
  • Wilson Bank and Trust - Mt Juliet Chamber Sponsor
  • Jimmy Mac Mortgage - Platinum Sponsor
  • Holiday Inn Express Mt. Juliet - Diamond Sponsor
  • tds diamond investor slide
  • David Rhodes Mt Juliet Advisors - Platinum Investor Slide

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We're In!

We surveyed our membership and asked what words come to mind when they think of the Mt. Juliet Chamber. The response included words such as welcoming, supportive, visionary, relevant, progressive, engaged, and hospitable. We used these words to create our Word Cloud to remind us to stay true to our course. It's great to know that our investors feel as if they are a part of something bigger; they feel included. They're in! Would you like to be in, too?