Your Chamber of Commerce is committed to being an important voice for our business members. We want to insure that your voice is heard when government policies and laws are pending, proposed or enacted that will impact your business. The Board of Directors approves an Annual Legislative Agenda that allows us to monitor, support, or oppose such legislation.

Leg Agenda

COMMUNITY PRIDE: We encourage our local businesses to actively support efforts such as Beautification, Arts, Public Safety, Volunteerism, Tourism, Houses of Worship, and Community Events. Working together we can insure that our community remains a desirable place to live, work, shop, pray, and play.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: We support legislation and policies that promote a positive environment for successful economic development.

EDUCATION: The Chamber recognizes the importance of education for workforce development and the well-being of our community. We actively support and will promote quality education in Wilson County.

ENERGY: We support free market regulation of energy costs and oppose rationing or allocation except in the event of a national emergency. We support national efforts for energy independence and local efforts to support green businesses.

ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY: We support the adoption of reasonable standards to protect the environment while fostering business and industrial growth.

LOCAL CONTROL: The Chamber strongly supports the concept of local control, and believes that all branches of state government should focus its efforts on issues with statewide implications. We strongly oppose passage of unfunded mandates.

MINIMUM WAGE: The Chamber opposes state or local minimum wage laws which exceed the federal minimum wage laws.

RIGHT TO WORK: We strongly support the individual’s right to work in an unrestricted manner and we oppose any effort to undermine Tennessee as a Right to Work state.

TAXATION: We oppose narrow business taxes and impact fees which impose excessive burdens on specific industries. If there is conclusive evidence of the need for additional taxes, we urge the state to consider broad-based taxes paid by all facets of the economy – business and individuals. We support keeping a low tax environment for TN, Wilson County, and Mt Juliet.

TRANSPORTATION: The Chamber recognizes that efficient transportation is a vital part of our future success for both our community as well as our region. We strongly support efforts to improve our transportation infrastructure.

VOTER REGISTRATION: We encourage all of our local investors and stakeholders to become involved with and participate in the voting process. We also encourage business leaders to inform their employees about issues and candidates.  

Revised: January, 2021